Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life


Here is the first video I shot with a RED Scarlet I just purchased.
I was driving around last Wednesday when I bumped into Nick Metropolis (The King Of Collectible furniture on 100 So. La Brea LA)

Nick shared with me some great stories about the store. I was very impressed with the character of his soul and the kindness of his heart. Nick is not just running a one of a kind business he also helps everybody he comes in contact with including some of the local homeless by offering them work and shelter.
I was very impressed by the collectibles in the store from movie memorabilia to real antique film lighting equipment.
Nick rents the facilities for music videos, films and TV shows.
Recently they were asked to create a sizzle reel for a new show featuring the great characters of the Store.

Video specs:

ISO 800
50mm Nikon lens @ F1.4 and f2.8
ND filter Coking P154
Kenko circular Polarizer filter
The footage was color graded on RedCine- x pro and edited in premiere using colorista II and neat video.
I recorded on a 64G Red SSD card using
Redcode 8:1