Here is a Matrix of Top Super Bowl 2014 Commercials

See below for the top 10 Super Bowl commercials as measured during game day. The online views and social activities are for game day only.
There so much to learn on this page it is overwhelming.



The Making of the Pirelli 2012 Calendar

A while back we featured a behind the scenes video on the making of the 2011 Pirelli Calendar and people enjoyed commenting on it (especially Karl Lagerfeld’s crazy gloves). If you aren’t familiar with the Pirelli calendar, it’s basically a glamour nude calendar that is only released to VIPs and Pirelli customers. Even though the calendar is not for sale, it has become an icon in the fine art world. A few days ago this BTS video on the making of the 2012 calendar was released and it’s pretty interesting as well.


Commercial for Americas Best

SOPHIE 00-30 from DIEGO TORROIJA on Vimeo.

Writer, Producer: Eric Wielochowski
Director, Cinematographer: Diego Torroija
Concept creation: Sophie and Daddy,
Editing: Mamma Holly

Sophie 11, Woke me up couple weekends ago to ask me if she could get a rabbit, we started to joke around about rabbits, well we never got a rabbit but one thing led to another we had a commercial concept Sophie agreed to star on,


Skyglide Mastershot from Sky-Glide on Vimeo.


The highest quality of components in using the newest stabilising solutions, which allow to use video cameras up to 5 kilograms.

  • a computer which controls steering,
  • operation of cameras up to 5 kilograms,
  • 3 runtime modes rustic, stabilisation, as well as following the motions of the operator,
  • possibility of remote work,
  • 3 axis stabilisation,
  • 2 steering joysticks,
  • possibility of a side stoop of a camera,
  • 2 batteries together with a charger, possibility of work up to 4 hours,
  • case,
  • video camera stand.

The Genie! A simple, affordable and extremely easy to use device used for motion control

The Genie! A simple, affordable and extremely easy to use device used for motion control and image capture for Time Lapse Photography + more.
The Genie is an all-in-one device used to combine image capture with Motion Control capable of either Panning or linear Movement that’s commonly used in Time Lapse Photography.
Simply attach your camera to the top of the Genie, plug it in and program it to move and shoot to your desired needs.
The key to the Genie is that it can be used with any existing film equipment apparatus on the market including Tripods, Sliders, Jib Arms, cable cams and more.
The interchangeable Panning and Linear accessories provide ultimate flexibility for range of movement and it’s transportable size means you will never have to go without the option of motion control Time Lapses no matter how constrained your location maybe.
Patent Pending

Genie – Motion Control Time Lapse Device from Syrp on Vimeo.

Testing new things… from Syrp on Vimeo.

Who’s Shooting Who?

Shot in a single day, entirely on iPhone.

Thirty years ago Macintosh promised to put technology in the hands of the people. To celebrate Mac’s birthday, this film was shot around the world in one day, entirely on iPhone. Here’s to the next thirty.

Behind the scenes video: 15 camera crews across 10 countries capture the amazing things people are doing with the power of Apple technology. The ambitious film was shot in a single day, entirely on iPhone.


A conversation with living legend Martin Scorsese about his newest film, his perception of himself, his motivations and demotivations to make films, critics, who paid the overage on The Aviator, new movie tech, and more.

Space Oddity