Clariol Commercial

Weeeee! with 4 minutes left to the deadline we managed to submit this Poptent spec for Clairol not enough time to sweeten the edit and audio but we go it up in time.
Thank you everybody that helped out with the project, check it out make comment as much as you can and make sure you like it.Spots shot on Red. Director: Diego Torroija, Dp: Diego Torroija, Producer Editor Jack Ho, Producer editor Richard Downie, Writer Gabriel Duran, Writer: James Mason VO: Dawn Davis


Here is Sophie hiking and smelling some really stinky bush.

Earl’s Service

Here is another shot from the Grove next to the Farmers Market on Fairfax, what a great location.
If you catch it at the right time in the morning you can expose the sky and the sign within 4 stops.
this shot was taken around 8 AM with a Nikon D7000

The Grove 5 Blocks From My House

Great location to shoot early in the morning just a few blocks from my home in Los Angeles, some times what’s in front of us looks more interesting if we look closer

Meet Scout: My youngest client

Something about witnessing a new soul’s being in the world, so special. Meet Scout, super cute, great quick shoot, I love working with kids, very rewarding.