I have been privileged to work as a Cinematographer documenting some of the most influential people of our time. Here’s a taste.
Sherry-Lansing Tom Cruise Nestor-Carbonell Jeffrey-Katzenberg J.J.-Abrams


staples TV commercial



Pop Paddle Boards is conscientious company with great line of products.
I had a blast collaborating creatively with the brand expanding their image with this live style video.

Director: Diego Torroija / Richard Downie
DP: Diego Torroija
Editor: Diego Torroija / Richard Downie
Shot On RED

DP / CG / camera op.

The geniuses @ Wheel Pro contacted me to create a Video to show some of the lifestyle and action that goes on when testing these products and creating great marketing materials.

Client Wheels pro and KMC wheels
Still Photographer: Aaron Okayama
DP, Camera op.: Diego Torroija
Editor, Graphics: Diego Torroija

DP / Producer ( Holiday Inn Express )

Cinematographer: Diego Torroija
Holiday Inn Express is the midscale hotel offering from IHG that is the original smart choice for those who don’t need a full service hotel, but refuse to compromise great service – based on the premise of “everything you need, nothing you don’t.” Recently, Holiday Inn Express has been confused with its sibling (Holiday Inn) and the brand wants to move back to a dedicated campaign for Holiday Inn Express.

For this assignment, the brand is coming to Diego and friends, to revive a popular campaign for Holiday Inn Express — the “Stay Smart” campaign. This is a great opportunity to have some fun aligning Holiday Inn Express with smart behavior in a humorous way. They where looking for a :15 second spot that is friendly, witty, and refreshing that celebrates their already “smart” audience.

DP ( Intel ) Coming Soon!

Cinematographer: Diego Torroija
Coming Soon!
An important part of our communications plan involves an online media push, which is where Diego come in. Intel needed to create highly shareable, targeted content to help engage and excite their core audience. While the hero is the Convertible Ultrabook, the messaging needed to wrap around the the key user benefits and the extremely versatile experience it delivers.
When it comes to understanding the benefits of the Ultrabook category, seeing is believing. The new convertible designs demonstrate attributes never before seen on a traditional PC device. These devices have the ability to detach, swivel and serve as both a laptop and tablet, when and where you need it. Its the best of both worlds, in one device!


Director: Diego Torroija
Editor: Diego Torroija
Producer: Diego Torroija
Client: COX
Agency: Evok Advertising
Award: Best Mixed Media

In an effort to drive sales towards optimal levels, Cox Communications engaged Diego and evok advertising to devise an effective campaign. With Cox positioned as the diagnosing doctor, customers posed as patients being treated for common communication ailments, such as “Phonophobia” and “Bundle Deficiency Syndrome,” and cured by a bundle of Internet, phone and TV prescribed at the perfect price. Side effects included lower rates, faster Internet, longer phone conversations and a healthy dose of humor. The campaign was shot and cut by Diego in Orlando.

Director / DP (Florida Hospital)

Director: Diego Torroija
Editor: Diego Torroija
Color Correction: Diego Torroija

Diego worked closely with the Creative Director from Florida Hospital Advertising department. They needed a Director who could execute to look very high quality on a small budget.