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Free Call Sheet

Free stuff


More than 50 minutes of cinematic orchestral music
by Cedric Baravaglio, Jonathan M. Ochmann and Zdravko Djordjevic completely
free of charge for non-commercial use.

FREE!! Call Sheet Template:  Microsoft Excel Format   /   PDF  /  HTML
Here is the Google Doc Version (you need to have a google acct. make sure when you open the doc.
make a copy and rename it so you can make changes)

color grading presets color correction visioncolor picture style canon dslr after effects
Five free Color Correction Presets designed specifically for grading VisionColor footage compatible with AE CS3 and higher.
VisionColor Basic
VisionColor Bleach Bypass
VisionColor Blockbuster
VisionColor Landscape
VisionColor Pale


In order to see images the way they were intended to be seen, your monitor might need to be calibrated. If you’re a web designer, digital photographer, or graphic professional, this is especially important. You don’t want to spend hours choosing the perfect subtle color scheme only to see a mismatched mess on someone else’s monitor or coming out of a printer.

DP / CG / camera op.

The geniuses @ Wheel Pro contacted me to create a Video to show some of the lifestyle and action that goes on when testing these products and creating great marketing materials.

Client Wheels pro and KMC wheels
Still Photographer: Aaron Okayama
DP, Camera op.: Diego Torroija
Editor, Graphics: Diego Torroija

DP / camera op. / EDITOR

Client Wheels pro and KMC wheels
Still Photographer: Aaron Okayama
DP: Diego Torroija
Editor: Diego Torroija


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Full Camera package available.
Discounts available for long term gigs (5 day or more)

Camera Support:

-NIKON MOUNT (with adaptor)
-RED TOUCH 5.0″ LCD Monitor
-SmallHD AC7 SDI
-954-CH-DTPQ Camtree 19-15 mm Base Plate with Dovetail Tripod Plate
-Zacuto Z-FIND-EVFP Z-Finder EVF Pro 5 inch
-2 x 128 GB REDMAG 1.8″ SSD
-1 x 256 GB REDMAG 1.8″ SSD
-1 x 64 GB REDMAG 1.8″ SSD
-RED Station Card Reader
-RED V Mount battery mount Wooden Camera Switronix
-2x RED bricks provides 140Wh 2 to 4 hrs
-1x Battery 190w
-2x Battery 162.8Wh #FP190V 4 to 6 hrs
-Duo Battery Charger
-AC power adapter

Additional camera support

-Slider supports up to 90 pounds, ala Dana Dolly (aluminum speed reel )
-Matthews Mitchell Camera Risers 6″ or 12″
-2x Stands (lowboys)
-6x Speed rail various sizes 6’/8’/10′

– (NEW) Redrock wireles MicroRemote Handheld Bundle ( with finger wheel for gimbals and steady cam )
-Remote Handheld
-Finger wheels
Tape sonar rangefinder

-Sachtler Studio II 150mm supports 200 lb HEAVY DUTY
-150mm Sachtler carbon fiber W/ FLOOR SPREADER
-116MK2 100mm Fluid Head
-Med 70mm Bogan Tripod

-Gini rig “Zacuto Style” Shoulder Mount


(Nikon or canon mount)

-Rokinon 24mm F1.5 Cine mod
-Rokinon 35mm F1.5 Cine mod
-Rokinon 50mm F1.5 Cine mod
-Rokinon 85mm F1.5 Cine mod

-xeen 24mm T1.5
-xeen 35mm T1.5
-xeen 50mm T1.5
-xeen 85mm T1.5

-Nikon 24 mm F2.5
-Nikon 55 mm F2.8 Macro
-Nikon 50 mm F1.4 Cine mod

-Nikon 17/35mm F2.8 Cine mod
-Nikon 24/70mm F2.8 Cine mod
-Canon 70/200mm F2.8
-Canon 100/300mm F3.5
-Canon 24/105mm F4 IS Cine mod

-Set of 5 4×4 Schneider filters (ND, Pola, Grad)
-ND 1.5, True Cir Polarizer, Black Frost 1/2, Orang Grad
-Lamparte Follow Focus w/extensions


-SmallHD AC7-OLED SDI canon batteries and D-tap
-IDX CW3 Wireless Video
-22″ Client Monitor SDI and HDMI C-stand mount (Wireless option for power and video)
-Marshall 7″ SDI/ HDMI Powered: V mount and D-tap
-2 x 7″ Lilliput COMP/HDMI Powered: Sony small battery


– 18″x16″LED 3200K lighting panel
– 4 x Diva Lite 401 KinoFlo
– 5 x 1k ARRI fresnel tungsten + chimera
– 2 x 300w ARRI fresnel tungsten
– 2 x 2k ARRI fresnel tungsten
– 2 x Kino Flo type fluorescent octagon w 4/300w bulbs each.
– 4 x 4800W Linco LK103 Flora Fluorescent Light Bank
-Tungsten Britek 200 w
-Tungsten Britek 300 w
-2 x Tungsten Britek 650 W
-2K Mole-Ricardson Baby Zip soft light
-On camera light panel LED lights
-2x Source four 750W (equivalent)



-5x C-stands
-3x short C-stands
-6x Light stands
-3x Double riser combo stands
-Triple riser combo stands
-2x Lowboys combo stands
-Skate board dolly platform with 10′ track

-10×10 pop up tent with white shade
-12X Butterfly set W/frame
-12X 1/2 Silent grid cloth
-6X Butterfly set W/frame
-6X Silver lame
-48″x 48″ Single scrim flag
-48″x 48″ Gel frame with 250 difusion
-48″x 48″ Gel frame with Opal difusion
-48″x 48″ Solid floppy
-10x 25 lb sandbags
-2x full apple
-1 1/2 apple
-1 1/4 apple
-2 x 12’x20′ Green Screen and Blue Screen


-Rode Stereo Video Mic with Hot Shoe Mount (perfect for Canon 5D, 7D, 60D dSLR)
-Zoom H4 (4 channel Sound Recorder)
-Shotgun Mic Sennheiser ME66
-Sennheiser Shotgun wind support
-2 x Cameras mic Sony Shotgun ECM XM1

-SLR and canon c100 Package also available.
-ProRes recorder


Behind The Scenes

Cox Communications BTS (V)

Editor: Diego Torroija

A fun look Behind The Scenes of the Cox Communications spots Directed by Diego for client Evok Advertising.