August, 2012


Here is Sophie hiking and smelling some really stinky bush.

Old Spice Muscle Music

Old Spice Muscle Music

This is funny:
With over 1.5 million views, Wieden and Kennedy’s latest video for Old Spice is a smashing success — and it’s only a day old. It’s easy to see why; former NFL player and action movie star Terry Crews is literally playing cacophonous “music” with his bulging muscles, yelling entertaining non sequiturs like “GIMME A HAT!” and “SAUSAGES!” The spot fits the vibe of Wieden’s game-changing 2010 campaign for Old Spice, which generated dozens of hilarious YouTube videos in real time, winning the Internet’s heart for a day and making every other creative agency super jealous. Muscle Music taps the same Internet-friendly principles of absurdity, interactivity, and iteration — at end of the performance, the video becomes interactive and viewers are invited to bang out their own ridiculous track on their QWERTY keyboards. The native Vimeo player lets users record and share their videos too, and the slick setup is fully embeddable. Give it a shot:

Cool article on how to build a demo reel

How to Create a Killer Demo Reel (From the Poptent folks)
Not everyone has made a demo reel of their work. Allow us to point out some
good thoughts on the subject. Follow the links to read the complete articles.
From Media College –
“A demo reel (aka demo tape, show reel, etc) is a video or audio presentation
designed to showcase your talents to a potential employer. The idea is that the
employer can see what you are capable of based on the examples you have
supplied. Depending on your area of experience and the position you are
applying for, your demo reel may include examples of your camerawork, editing,
graphics, sound mixing, presenting, etc.”
From Tips for a Demo Reel that Works By Bill Davis –
“When you’re new in the video production business, there’s nothing more fun
than watching other people’s demo reels. And there’s probably nothing LESS fun
than sitting down to make one of your own.
After all, this is your visual calling card. Every flaw, every less than perfect
moment reflects directly on you. And can potentially affect whether you get more
work – or starve. No pressure here.
When you sit down to plan one, there are only two things about which you can be
absolutely sure. First, nobody’s going to pay you a CENT for all the work you’re
about to do. And second, as soon as the reel succeeds in getting you work, it’s
instantly obsolete since your newest (and hopefully best) work won’t be on it.”
From Randy Dudley –
“Not enough can be said about demo reels. Many people don’t realize the
importance of having a good reel. It’s more than just a collage of content that
plays for a few minutes. It’s your statement as an artist, showing whoever sees it,
that this is what I do, this is the kind of person that I am. And there are a lot of
factors that contribute to this “feel” your demo has. First thing to do is talk about
what not to do. Please remember that these are only suggestions, and in some
cases may not be acceptable, but in general, they are good guidelines to go by.
These should help your reel from getting lumped with all the other ordinary
student reels.”

Bonaire great Location to shoot

One of the best locations I’ve ever been in, Bonaire is a small island located in the southern Caribbean (see the maps) known for its pioneering role in the preservation of nature, in particular the preservation of the marine environment, and for its excellent scuba divingsnorkeling, and windsurfing, among other things. Kayak in the mangroves, the gentle bay or venture out into the open ocean for a real challenge. Enjoy the nature of the land cycling or mountain biking.Many descriptions and slogans have been written about Bonaire: Best Kept Secret, Unhurried, Unspoiled, UnforgettableDiver’s Paradise; and the list goes on… The fact is that all these statements are true, and then some. Another truth is the statistic that over 55% of arrivals on Bonaire are repeat visitors!

I took this shot right before I rented a windsurf for the day (the conditions where perfect I’ll never forget that experience)

There are a number of reasons people visit the island. First timers generally have heard about the climate, the water, the sun and what there is to do. When asked, repeat visitors generally say that they did not have enough time to do all they wanted to on their first visit. If it is the third or fourth trip, the answer is basically the same but with this addition “It is the warmth and friendliness of the people” that keeps visitors returning year after year.

In the other side of the island the waves crash into the reef blasting 40 to 60 feet into the air really amazing


Earl’s Service

Here is another shot from the Grove next to the Farmers Market on Fairfax, what a great location.
If you catch it at the right time in the morning you can expose the sky and the sign within 4 stops.
this shot was taken around 8 AM with a Nikon D7000

Cool Video Shot With RED Epic Korean rapper PSY’s

Korean rapper PSY’s music video for “Gangnam Style” has become a huge viral hit mostly for the hilarious vignettes that flash by in short cuts — he’s on a bus, he’s in a sauna, he’s in a barn, he’s on a tennis court, something explodes, he’s in a subway. It’s a frenetic video with over 35 million views on YouTube. And it was shot on RED EPIC.
The album’s weighty title song ‘Gangnam Style’ is composed solely by PSY himself from lyrics to choreography. The song is characterized by its strongly addictive beats and lyrics, and is thus certain to penetrate the foundations of modern philosophy.

Behind the scenes videoPSY – GANGNAM STYLE

Cool Video Shot With RED Epic Korean rapper PSY’s

New Demo Reel

Holly and I have been working on a new freelancer site, I am so grateful for the  feedback on the latest demo reel, take minute to play it have fun.

Feel free to send me an email with your comments Demo link:

More on the Grove

It is really awesome how everything seems magical early in the morning.

Here is one special dude

Hey Mike I hope you’re feeling better, just know that no matter how ugly your face might look like right now from biting the ground with your teeth,  there will always be a place in my heart for you in the attic somewhere up with some boxes. I love you man.

Vintage shooting @ THE GROVE IN LA